GradImages® will photograph all graduating students at the beginning of the Spring Commencement procession. Graduates who have completed an address card (see below) will receive a thumbnail photo and may order copies of their photographs by mail, phone, fax, or online.

In the assembly area on commencement morning, graduates who wish to receive a thumbnail photo will be asked to fill out an address card, which will be collected by GradImages staff members. To ensure that everyone receives correct proofs, each graduate will be asked to say his or her name into an audio recorder.

Graduates will receive their complimentary proof(s) within one week of the ceremony. Anyone who has waited more than two weeks for proofs should call 800-261-2576.

As another option, students may choose to have their graduation portraits taken on campus by Michigan Photography.  To schedule an appointment, call (734) 764-9217.

Following commencement, Michigan Photography will post a variety of candid and formal photographs available for purchase.