Accessible/Limited Mobility Tickets

Wheelchair Accessible and Limited Mobility seating for guests are not available through the online ticket process. Those needing accessible or limited mobility seating will need to call the Michigan Union Ticket Office at (734) 763-8587 to request tickets

Wheelchair Accessible Seating for Guests

Wheelchair accessible seating is available. Please call (734) 763-8587 no later than Wednesday, April 19 to place your guest on the wheelchair accessible seating list. You must have your MCard or student UMID number to pick up these tickets at the Michigan Union Ticket Office. Wheelchair accessible tickets are not available online, but once requested can be emailed.

Up to three companion tickets, with adjacent seating, will be provided for every guest with a wheelchair accessible seating ticket.  Other members of the party will be seated nearby.

If your guest(s) will not be using a wheelchair but have limited mobility, please see below (Limited Mobility Seating).

Please refer to ADA Accommodations for information on commencement day parking.

Limited Mobility Seating

Guests with mobility concerns are eligible to sit in limited mobility seating rows that require minimal stair climbing. Tickets are distributed on a first come, first served basis. Note: Limited mobility seating tickets are not located closer to the field.

Limited mobility seating tickets must be requested through the Michigan Union Ticket Office at (734) 763-8587 during ticket distribution beginning Monday, April 10th at 11:00 a.m. through Friday, April 28th at 12:00 p.m..  It is not necessary to call in advance to reserve these tickets. Tickets can be picked up in person or emailed once requested.

All guests in your party will be assigned to sit in the limited mobility section if one or more of your guests requires minimal stair climbing. Please call (734) 763-8587 for additional information.

For details about commencement day parking, refer to ADA Accommodations.