Apply to Graduate

For Rackham master’s students, the deadline to apply for graduation and ensure your name is printed in the commencement program is Monday, March 6, 2017.  

All students must apply for graduation through Wolverine Access. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for graduation, please contact the auditor for your school or college.

To navigate to the graduation application, click on the Student Business link within the Students tab on Wolverine Access.  You can access the Apply for Graduation page through both the Student Center and Degree Progress/Graduation tabs.

If you are eligible to apply for graduation, Academic Program(s) will be listed on the Apply for Graduation page. If the correct academic program, degree, major, concentration, or minor is not displayed, contact the registrar for your school, college, or academic department.

Note: If you are applying for graduation in more than one academic program, you will need to complete separate applications for each.  

To apply for graduation, click on the appropriate academic program. Choose your expected graduation term from the drop down menu. If the expected graduation term does not appear, contact your school, college, or academic department.

Any questions regarding the application process for graduation should be directed to the University’s Office of the Registrar or the registrar for your school, college, or academic department.