Academic Attire

Academic attire (cap and gown) is required for all graduates who plan to participate in Rackham Graduate Exercises (RGE). Attire can be purchased at these Ann Arbor locations:

Please note that doctoral attire is not available at the Michiganensian.

Master’s Degree Candidates

Beginning in mid-March, academic attire may be purchased at all locations listed. Please refer to the Academic Color Information grid below to find your appropriate hood velvet color.

Doctoral Degree Recipients

Doctoral degree recipients who plan to attend the Rackham Graduate Exercises on Friday, April 27 can rent or purchase required academic attire—including hoods as well as caps and gowns—at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Required attire is also available for purchase online through Barnes & Noble and Ulrich’s.

Hoods are mandatory for all doctoral degree recipients.

Rental attire may be reserved Monday, March 5 through Friday, April 20. The Barnes and Noble Bookstore cannot guarantee gown sizes or hood colors after April 20. Rental attire should be returned by Friday, May 4.

Doctoral hoods are available in Ph.D. dark blue (can be used for all disciplines), pink (Music), purple (Law), and apricot (Nurse Practitioner) for rent or purchase.  All other colors must be custom-ordered.

Custom attire can be purchased any time throughout the year. Please allow four to six weeks for the delivery of custom attire orders.

Note:  At the commencement ceremony, doctoral degree recipients walk to the stage and present their hoods to faculty marshals. After being draped with the hood, they proceed across the stage for individual recognition by the president of the University and the dean of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies.

Hood Color Information

The colors of the various disciplines are as follows:

Architecture and Urban Planning blue violet
Business Administration drab
Dentistry lilac
Education light blue
Engineering orange
Fine Arts brown
Information lemon
Kinesiology sage green
Law purple
Literature and Arts white
Medicine green
Music pink
Natural Resources and Environment russet
Nursing apricot
Pharmacy olive green
Philosophy dark blue
Public Health salmon pink
Public Policy peacock blue
Science golden yellow
Social Work citron

Mingled colors distinguish combined curriculums.

Honor Cords

Honor cords may be worn for designation of membership or achievement.  Check with your organization or department for honor cord guidelines.

How To Wear Attire

How to wear your Masters cap and gown
How to wear your Doctoral cap and gown